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There is no business idea under the sun that is unique. The people who are successful in business are the ones who execute their business idea (plan). Networking without a business plan is not smart. For most business people and professionals, effective networking should be a driving force, if not the central component of their marketing efforts. It's not what you know but who you know that gets you in the door. Over time effective networking can generate a steady stream of referrals and help your business grow. Your networking strategy can largely replace cold calling, advertising and other less productive marketing efforts.

What do they say about the early bird?

Whether it is our annual Multicultural Business Conference, click here to register your business, or our regular seminar schedule, NACC (New American Chamber of Commerce), AAICC(African American Chamber of Commerce) and HAICC (Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce) are partnering and are working together to help your business succeed. How do we accomplish this goal? Through our five-part series:

Small Business Boot Camp
Business Plan Basics
Financing Your Business
Marketing & Social Media
Small Business Solutions & Minority Certification

We also help your business succeed through our "Building a Successful" series, for example, Construction Business, Beauty Salon Business, Tax Business, Not-For-Profit, Restaurant Business, Technology Business, Networking Business, Entertainment Business or your Make a Suggestion Business. Additionally, through our Credit Restoration, Identity Theft, Home Buyer & Seller Seminars, we empower you to establish the three Cs of credit worthiness: Capital, Character and Capability.

To successfully Brand or Market your product or service, please visit and then schedule a Branding & Marketing consultation with our President, Ms. Phillip at

We are also proud of our sister non-for-profit organizations serving all Americans and new immigrants - the Immigrant's Journal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc., ( IJLEF), and Concerned Americans for Racial Equality, (CARE),, please volunteer, or refer anyone in need of a free legal consultation.

We encourage all our Chamber members not only to participate in our Chamber events, but to also attend and network at other Chamber events and join other Chambers. We have done so and so should you. Additionally, we are working with various groups and Consulates to help them establish their own Chambers of Commerce. Examples of these are the Trinidad & Tobago American Chamber of Commerce, the Guyana American Chamber of Commerce, the Congo American Chamber of Commerce and many others. Various European American Chambers of Commerce have been in existence for decades. Caribbean, Hispanic and African Chambers are now starting. If you would like assistance in forming your country's Chamber, please do not hesitate to contact our legal adviser and founder, Brian Figeroux, at

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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2013 NACC Multicultural Business Expo

by Vandell Park

DA Hynes Clergy BreakfastIn a staggering economy where there is minimal growth and the uncertainty of potential business prospects, it is easy for those who have invested their life savings, those who borrowed with the hope of making huge financial gains, and even those who are now thinking of launching out for the first time on their own, to become disenchanted and discouraged. The entrepreneurial spirit is dampened because of the bleak prognosis of the American economy. In fact, the political tussle in Washington over basic legislations that will advance the economic cause of this country creates even more financial fear for investors and an uncertain climate for entrepreneurial development... read more

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Petia Bradshaw presentation - Social Media Made Simple at NACC Business Expo 2013

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